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The Next Normal: Re-Imagining the Realities

Flexco ElevateBusinesses in every industry and every country around the globe are confronting the stark realities that COVID-19 is having on their employees, production capabilities, and distribution channels. Operational processes are being forced to evolve to address what is being referred to as the “next normal,” taking into consideration personnel physical distancing, on-site vs. off-site workforces, and increased reliance on technology.

As Flexco critical supply chain customers in coal-fired power, steel production, coal production, iron ore, and copper mining abruptly re-imagine their businesses and the fundamental ways they operate, adopting digital tools and shifting infrastructure to support their success is imperative. Flexco Elevate™, a solution that features remote belt cleaner monitoring from an intuitive digital dashboard, uses a wireless platform and cloud technology so operations can gather critical data and perform inspections of cleaners from anywhere. State-of-the-art Flexco Elevate™ i3 Devices are attached to Flexco belt cleaners, and data is continually gathered using cutting-edge analytics. Insights are immediately transmitted to the Flexco i3 dashboard and are accessible from your truck, office, or home.

By not requiring personnel to physically be on site or on the conveyor system to monitor belt performance, Flexco Elevate addresses the reality operations face as they shift their processes and move to a more remote workforce. It provides an easy-to-use and powerful digital tool that helps operations leverage opportunities to remain economically viable and embrace some of the permanent structural and operational changes COVID-19 has forced.

The Case for Digital Solutions

While many of Flexco’s customers already had some digital strategies in place or on the horizon prior to the pandemic, the pace to adopt solutions like IoT, cloud, data and security, or simply enabling virtual employee communications, has accelerated quickly. Flexco Elevate can help operations quickly advance their digital strategies from planning to implementation by providing immediate information and streamlining processes. Because it was built as an intelligent digital learning system, it’s designed to grow with our customers’ businesses. The current situation has made having access to reliable, real-time data more important than ever and for mining operations, being digitally connected can increase productivity with additional flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Remote Monitoring for Real Time Data Access

During the crisis and beyond, a complementary aspect to embracing digital solutions is the acceleration of remote monitoring via off-site teams to gain targeted operational insights. Flexco Elevate allows easy implementation of real-time monitoring of belt cleaners from an intuitive digital dashboard, regardless if the worker is standing next to the conveyor or in a remote location miles away. They can accurately and safely monitor the need for maintenance and use predictive insights to anticipate future issues. The ability to address these needs before they lead to potential belt catastrophes will be more crucial than ever as access to outside repair services may be more limited moving forward.

Additionally, and as importantly, with some estimates predicting that operations may lose up to 50% of their onsite personnel, at least in the short term, remote monitoring is a powerful capability that underscores the “virtual shift” necessary to keep workers as safe as possible while keeping operations running efficiently.

Being Responsive During Challenging Times

It’s very clear to businesses around the world that the past months have forced us all to carefully evaluate our processes, implement immediate steps to ensure worker safety, and remain viable and productive in the day-to-day uncertainty we are all experiencing. Flexco remains committed to being responsive to our customers with solutions like Flexco Elevate in the face of current challenges, and we will work together with you to navigate issues as we move into the next normal.

To learn more about Flexco Elevate, register for an online demonstration at or contact your local Flexco sales representative.

Authored by: Chip Winiarski, Chief Marketing Officer

In the position of Chief Marketing Officer, Winiarski is responsible for Flexco’s global marketing, engineering, and strategic account efforts, as well as North American Sales. Winiarski has more than 25 years of experience serving global end-user customers, distributors, OEMs, design firms, and belting companies engaged in a variety of light-duty and heavy-duty industries. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College, a master’s degree from The Ohio State University with a concentration in Strategy and Finance, and completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School. Winiarski is also active in the National Industrial Belting Association (NIBA) and the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA). Winiarski has been with Flexco since 2007, serving as Director of Marketing – Heavy-Duty and Vice President of Marketing prior to his appointment to Chief Marketing Officer in 2020.

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May 05, 2020

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