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Flexco is redefining the connection between people and technology in mining operations with Flexco Elevate®. This wireless solution is built on the power of predictive data insights to allow real-time, remote monitoring of Flexco belt cleaners to increase operational efficiency and transparency.

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  How does the Flexco Elevate® system provide data insights?

The Elevate system combines the i3 Device, i3 Mobile App, and i3 Dashboard with just a few easy steps and within minutes the i3 Device is installed and immediately begins gathering and using the insights the system provides.

  What does i3 mean?

“i3” stands for Information, Intelligence, and Insights. Information and data collection is the foundational layer for all insights. Intelligence articulates the science-driven analysis of information to identify patterns and build reliable models. Insights are meaningful and action-oriented to connect the information with daily mining operations. The sum is greater than its parts, and together it describes how value is nurtured from seemingly unstructured data.

  Do I need to attach any hardware to the belt cleaner within the manufacturing environment in order to begin gathering data insights?

Yes, the Flexco Elevate® i3 Device is a wireless, battery-powered sensor and processor that affixes to the end of a Flexco belt cleaner pole. It is ruggedized to withstand harsh weather and environments as well as everyday plant, mine, and terminal operations.

  Do I need to install a cellular gateway or data transmission system?

Absolutely not. Everything required to collect, analyze and transmit data is contained within the Flexco Elevate i3 Device. There are no cumbersome wires required and no need to hire an electrician to install an expensive cellular gateway or transmission tower in order for data to be sent to the i3 Dashboard.

  How is the Flexco Elevate® i3 Device installed?

A primary benefit of the device is its ease of installation. Each device is simply clamped to the pole end of a Flexco precleaner or secondary cleaner. It is NOT necessary to shut down the conveyor to install the device, and once installed, it immediately begins to gather belt cleaner data and insights for remote access by plant personnel.

  How long will the i3 Device battery last?

Under normal operation and temperature, expected battery life is approximately 9 months. Battery life may vary with extreme temperatures and usage.

  Will the Flexco Elevate® i3 Device installation involve my IT team?

It is unlikely your IT team will need to be involved in the device installation. The system is managed by Flexco, who will handle a majority of the technical requirements. While your IT team should be notified of any on-site communication device, the Flexco Elevate® solution will work 100% independently from your network, utilizing local cellular service.

Your IT team’s involvement may include providing access to the online dashboard if certain URLs are restricted; enabling Bluetooth® Wireless Connections from company-managed phones or tablets; or exploring other connectivity solutions besides cellular such as Wi-Fi.

  How does the Flexco Elevate® i3 Device collect and send belt cleaner performance data?

The i3 Device attached to a Flexco precleaner or secondary cleaner collects data through the use of state-of-the-art sensors incorporated into the physical hardware. Data is analyzed on the edge and then is transmitted securely to the cloud where insights are immediately visible on the i3 Dashboard.

  Who owns the data?

All data collected and transmitted to the cloud is owned by the end-user. Insights derived from the data through the use of sophisticated data science models is proprietary to Flexco.

  Can the Flexco Elevate® i3 Device get wet?

The device is IP66 certified to minimize dust and water ingress. Normal operations around the device will not impact its performance (i.e. wash boxes, impact zones, washing/cleaning equipment). If you are power washing, then do not point the flow directly at the device.

  What is the Flexco Elevate® i3 Mobile App?

The i3 Mobile App is a tool that individuals will use when installing the device and servicing the cleaner. Information submitted through the mobile app will appear in the online dashboard and will inform insights. The mobile application is NOT a tool to visualize and analyze data collected by i3 Devices—this is the role of the dashboard.

  How do I access the Flexco Elevate® i3 Mobile App?

The i3 Mobile App is downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For security purposes, only authorized users are granted access to the mobile application. Authorized users are under the discretion of the end customer.

  What is the Flexco Elevate® i3 dashboard?

The interactive, online dashboard is an easy-to-use portal where you view the data insights collected from your belt cleaners via sensors and service updates entered into the mobile application. The interactive dashboard tells operators:

  • Location of installed cleaners at your location and across your operation
  • Belt Conveyor System specifications
  • Belt Cleaner engagement
  • Belt and Cleaner run times
  • Urethane and Carbide blade wear
  • Belt Cleaner Spring Tensioner reminders
  • Abnormal event notification
  • Tamper detection
  • Detailed Maintenance Logs with exact times and exactly what was done
  When do I get access to the Flexco Elevate® i3 Dashboard?

Flexco will create login credentials for each authorized user of the dashboard. Dashboard access begins approximately one week after conveyor and cleaner information for every device is submitted through the Flexco Elevate i3 App.

  Is it necessary to sign an agreement with Flexco?

Yes, the agreement between a customer and Flexco is to protect both parties. The customer needs to ensure that their data is handled responsibly and that the services purchased can be delivered in a timely manner. Flexco needs to ensure that they have access to the customer’s data to drive the insights in addition to providing the appropriate security for any data collected.