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Simple Installation for
Immediate Belt Cleaner Insights

With just a few easy steps, your organization can have the monitoring devices attached to the belt cleaners and immediately begin gathering and using the insights the system provides.

Data Transmission

Installed in less than 5 minutes, the rugged Flexco Elevate® i3 Device is used to wirelessly transmit data insights to the cloud. Simply attach the i3 to the end of the Flexco belt cleaner with a 4-bolt clamp that will securely fasten it. No wires or power access required. The Flexco Elevate® i3 Device connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi or cellular technology with the press of a button.

Data Input

Accessed from your cell phone or tablet, through Bluetooth® technology, the i3 Mobile App facilitates easy input of conveyor specifications during on-site installation of the i3 Device as well as during belt cleaner maintenance. The data is transmitted to the i3 Dashboard to further evolve predictive insights.

Data Insight and Oversight

Access from your tablet or desktop system, the interactive Elevate Dashboard is an easy-to-navigate portal providing detailed insight and information for all of the Flexco cleaners at your location and throughout your operations.

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Easy To Install.

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Easy To Predict.

Watch the video to learn how quick and easy it is to install

Flexco Elevate® i3 Devices at your site.

Construction site in the background with a play button for a video

How The Flexco Elevate® system communicateS

Moving from Data to Insights

i3 Dashboard


  • Data Input from the i3 Mobile App
  • Machine Data


i3 Device to Dashboard via Cloud


Wi-Fi or Cellular

i3 Device


Onsite, at i3 Device location


Bluetooth® Wireless Technology


  • Deployment Data Input
  • Belt Cleaner Maintenance Input

i3 Mobile App



Specifically designed to address belt cleaner performance in heavy-duty operations, the Flexco Elevate® Dashboard will provide operators insights at their fingertips. They will be able to gather critical intelligence in short order because of the Dashboard’s intuitive layout of critical information that includes:

  • Location of installed cleaners at your location and across your operation
  • Belt Conveyor System specifications
  • Belt Cleaner Engagement
  • Belt and Cleaner run times
  • Urethane and Carbide blade wear
  • Belt Cleaner Spring Tensioner reminders
  • Abnormal event notification
  • Tamper detection
  • Detailed Maintenance Logs with exact times and exactly what was done


The Flexco Elevate Belt Cleaner i3 is a state-of-the-art hardware device that has been meticulously designed in partnership with Twisthink, a leader in helping companies create business solutions through strategic insight, human-centered design and advanced technology. It has been rigorously field tested and optimized for the best possible user experience.


  • i3 Devices: 3 unique device types used by geography - US, Australia, and Global
  • Dimensions: 7.875” x 6.375” x 3.5” (200mm x 165mm x 90 mm)
  • Compatible Pole Diameters: 2.375” and 2.875” (60mm and 73mm)
  • Compatible Cleaner Type: Flexco Precleaners and Secondary Cleaners
  • Battery Type: Non-rechargeable, lithium-thionyl chloride
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22ºF to 149°F (-30°C to 65°C)
  • Regulatory: FCC (US): RCM (Australia); CE, ISED (Global)
  • Certifications, Standards: IP66, RoHS (US, Australia and Global)
  • Explosive Environments: IECEx (Australia); MSHA and ATEX (contact Flexco regarding specific standards)

2. Wireless Communications

  • Cellular Communication: LTE CAT-M1 on AT&T (US); LTE CAT-M1 on Telstra (Australia); 2G/3G on AT&T (Global)
  • Wi-Fi Communication: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Communication: Low energy up to 10m range

3. Security

  • End-to-End Security: Encryption layers in OS and in transit
  • Wi-Fi Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2


The i3 Mobile App is the tool used during installation of the i3 device and servicing of the cleaner. Accessed through your phone or tablet, information submitted through the i3 Mobile App is transmitted to the i3 Device and on to the i3 Dashboard where it combines to further evolve predictive insights.