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Introducing Flexco Elevate
Belt Conveyor Intelligence to Transform Your Operation

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Belt Cleaner Monitoring System to Solve Real Operational CHALLENGES

Partnering with some of the world’s best and brightest technology companies, the development of Flexco Elevate™ was driven by real-world customer challenges – identifying their pain points to deliver a cutting-edge solution to solve real issues. Flexco Elevate belt cleaner monitoring lets operations remotely gather critical data and perform real-time analysis to boost efficiency, with intelligence that grows over time. Its predictive, data-driven engine lets customers move from traditional methods of monitoring cleaner performance to a new way that empowers operations for the future.


What Is It


Data Insights That Boost Outputs and Efficiencies

Preventing belt conveyor failure or unexpected downtime due to belt cleaner maintenance is a primary concern. With Flexco Elevate, onsite monitoring, manual inspections and waiting to diagnose problems are a thing of the past. The solution upgrades the process, allowing operations to raise the level of transparency and autonomy and allows plants to accurately predict future belt cleaner performance on-site or remotely.

How It Works

How it Works

How it Works

Ryan Grevenstuk, Flexco Marketing Director

“Because it has the power to turn complex data into real-world outcomes, Flexco Elevate is able to transform the way operations address pain points – allowing them to make proactive decisions that continually maximize their uptime and productivity.”

- Ryan Grevenstuk, Director of Global Heavy-Duty Marketing

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Add It Up: Flexco Elevate™ Increases Production by More than $1M on Aggregate Operation

Though data gathering tools are more accessible than ever, professionals are still struggling to effectively incorporate them into their workplace. Flexco Elevate™ will seamlessly fit into a mining operation’s digital transformation strategy to help operations overcome these data challenges.

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Elevate Your Maintenance Strategy: Reactive vs. Proactive vs. Predictive Maintenance

One of the greatest threats and concerns facing a mining operation is a belt conveyor failure or unexpected downtime. Learn the difference between reactive, proactive, and predictive maintenance.

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Many operations are embracing technology solutions into safety protocols because they can proactively contribute to best safety practices while also increasing operational efficiencies. Flexco Elevate™ is at the forefront of this shift, allowing operations to remotely gather critical data dispatching a crew.

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