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Three Ways to Make the Most of Flexco Elevate™ Virtual Training

Earlier this year, we launched Flexco Elevate™ Belt Conveyor Intelligence™, a groundbreaking belt cleaner monitoring technology designed to simplify and optimize belt maintenance at mining, aggregate and cement operations. This state-of-the-art technology truly has to be seen to be believed, so we’ve developed a detailed presentation outlining the key customer benefits of the platform and providing a firsthand look at the dashboard that serves as the central hub of Flexco Elevate.

While our ability to travel and meet in person is currently limited, our ability to share the transformational value of Flexco Elevate with you and your team is not. We have introduced online demos for Flexco Elevate allowing you to learn more about this new technology safely, and from anywhere with an internet connection. Once you have submitted a form to schedule your online demo, here are three tips to help you make the most of a virtual presentation:

1. Before the call – Study up

To gain an understanding of the Flexco Elevate platform and how it relates to your operation, spend a few minutes exploring our Flexco Elevate website ahead of the meeting. With everything from detailed specs to frequently asked questions and blogs from the people behind this technology, the site serves as a helpful resource to better understand how Flexco Elevate works and how it will benefit the operations installing it. As you do your background research, considering writing down any questions that you may have about Flexco or Flexco Elevate. Coming to your online meeting with a few questions can help us address how this solution applies to the specific needs of your operation. You will also be able to submit and ask questions to those leading the virtual demos.

2. During the call – Get engaged

While we can’t be in the same physical room with you at this time, our virtual demos are still a visual learning experience. Following along on a computer is the best way to view all of the information we’ll be sharing. During the scheduled time, we will walk you through the capabilities of the Flexco Elevate™ i3 Device and provide you with a firsthand look at the Elevate Dashboard and the Flexco Elevate i3 Mobile App. Near the end of the presentation, we always reserve time for questions. There can be a lot of information to process during the presentation, so posing the questions you prepared beforehand via the virtual Q&A can help spark some great conversation about how Flexco Elevate would fit into your operation.

3. After the call – Schedule an onsite trial

We’ve worked hard to ensure that Flexco Elevate will seamlessly integrate into existing operations. Once health experts have deemed it safe to travel and meet again, we will launch a trial program allowing operations to witness firsthand how this technology was purposefully designed for ease of use and ability to leverage existing assets. Operations that have attended an online demo will be able to work with their Flexco Territory Manager to set up a trial of several Elevate i3 Devices and have full access to the i3 Dashboard at their site for 60 days. The trial program is not only an opportunity to see how this technology fits into your maintenance processes and workflows, it will provide a glimpse of how the Elevate platform will empower your operation to make proactive decisions that lead to desirable business outcomes.

For more than 110 years, we’ve led the industry in innovation and responding to the needs of our customers. Today, that includes adapting to how we deliver information and insights to you. Flexco Elevate truly delivers first-in-its-class technology, and we’re excited to share how it can transform the way you work. Your journey begins with an online demo, so schedule yours today.

Authored by: Adam Ingraham, IOT Marketing Specialist at Flexco

Ingraham’s tenure at Flexco began in 2019 when he was recruited into the IoT Marketing Specialist position to help lead the development and launch of the Flexco Elevate™ Belt Conveyor Intelligence™ IoT platform. Ingraham brings to Flexco four years of IoT product management experience, especially in the area of technology and deployment of global programs. In his current position, Ingraham researches and designs business capabilities and go-to-market strategies, while capturing and evaluating the voice of the customer in relation to emerging technologies. Ingraham holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Lawrence Technological University and an MBA from Grand Valley State University.

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May 06, 2020

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